Bass Lake

Emerald green waters, majestic pines and mother nature…come see the beauty that is Bass Lake.
Bass Lake is located 1 hour north of Fresno and just 17 miles from the Southern Gate to Yosemite
National Park!
Bass Lake is considered a “warm water” lake with water temperatures reaching near 80 degrees
during the summer months which make it ideal for swimming, boating and fishing.
Some think of Bass Lake, the pine-trimmed reservoir about a half-hour’s drive south of Yosemite
National Park’s south entrance, as a smaller version of Lake Tahoe. But the little lake with the big
alpine feel has an appealing difference from its high-country cousin: Bass Lake’s elevation is only
3,400 feet/1,036 meters, so its surface waters become blissfully warm in summer, hovering around

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