Raymond is an unincorporated community in Madera County, California. Raymond has fewer than
1,000 residents. The area was named either for Israel Ward Raymond, a park commissioner who
urged the preservation of Yosemite Valley or for T. Raymond of Raymond & Whitcomb Travel
Association in San Francisco, or for Walter Raymond of Raymond & Whitcomb Travel Association in
Boston. Walter Raymond founded the Raymond Hotel in Pasadena in 1886. He planned the hotel
and received money for its construction from his father Emmons Raymond, who was a stockholder
in the Santa Fe Railroad. When the town of Raymond was dedicated, its residents approached
Walter Raymond and offered to name the town after him if he would cut the ribbon at the
The first post office opened in 1886.The original name, Wildcat Station, was replaced by Raymond
when the Southern Pacific Railroad reached the town in 1886.

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